London Hardcore Dancers: Volume One


London Hardcore Dancers: Volume One

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Perfect Bound A5 Book

Front page by: Mark Fitz
Text within the book: Sandman
Book Design: JJ Fenwick
Pictures: JJ Fenwick


London Hardcore Dancers

JJ Fenwick

Taking inspiration from mid 1970s and early 1980s documentary photography of punk culture in the UK, this project explores hardcore, a contemporary subculture that has evolved from punk while absorbing influences from other music genres, fashion styles and ideologies.

Hardcore is characterized by angst, anger and passion but there is also a considerable sense of unity which brings together musicians, dancers and audience, creating an environment which is apparently violent but ultimately co-operative.

Shooting at various hardcore gigs in London, using black and white photography, Fenwick constructs a powerful record of the energy of pit culture and the characters that inhabit a largely hidden world.