I’m currently working on a project that looks at those who attend punk shows in most or any forms of attendance. E.g; Playing, Promoting, Work at the venue, or simply just attend.

My main focus of modern day punk shows is looking at the resurface of 21st century punk and hardcore within the U.K.

If you’ve attended any of the gigs listed HERE and can see yourself within the crowd, please reach out to me as i would like to photograph you for this project.

I’m looking to photograph you or the person you know outside said venue or at a location suiting for the project.



An on-going photographic / documentary project through imagery and collaborations, looking at the old and new in the Punk and Hardcore music industry. 

This documentation of work is looking for those who are the following;
In a hardcore or punk band, attend gigs, run D.I.Y shows, photograph or film the lifestyle and events of shows, have a keen interest in the scene, "punk artists" (Someone that is into designing punk / hardcore t shirts, graphics, prints, etc.) 

The overall look of the project is to look back at the 70's/80's punk scene in the U.K and it's comparison to todays scene. Has much changed from the music to the mindset of what makes up the people within the community or is it still the same from 40 years ago.

With this in mind, the project itself will be making use of mixed photographic practices from using analogue photography, to digital and found footage/imagery for the end project. Whilst i aim to have 3-5 large scale pieces to present, i will also be making use of making a zine / book to showcase by the end of this.

The only criteria for you to get involved is.

1. Live in the U.K
2. Be happy being photographed within your house, local pub, street, local venue and/or town.
3. Be filmed

Questions you may be thinking or wanting to ask;

Q. Why have i decided to document / do a project on punk and hardcore music within the U.K
A. During my teenage years i was really into said genre's, and over the years i've witnessed many amazing work from people within the scene and not just musically. Although i felt something was always missing. Yes we go to shows and have fun, yes we purchase the merchandise and support the family, but what happens in between. What does everyone do between shows and seeing each other. I want to get into that side and the uncut footage of everyday life. this could simply be sitting at your local pub with mates or sitting at home alone with a cup of tea.

Q. What style of photographic work will the work be in?
A. With this piece of work, i am aiming to do a cross between documentary style work much like my series; Reality Unfolds. And locational portraiture; A Decade Under the Influence. (Both projects on website).

Q. I don't want to be in front of the camera, but still be involved in the project somehow, can i do that?
A. Yes you can, whilst not directly being in front of camera, i am looking to record voice overs and thoughts between people on how hardcore and the music scene shaped them and the surroundings around them, good or bad. t

Q. Is this paid?
A. Currently i can't offer payment for those involved in the project, but however i am more than happy to share the photo's and a digital copy of the final outcome to those who are all involved.